Most of my professional UX deliverables are proprietary and confidential, and I can demo them on request.

Airline Passenger WiFi connectivity


ViaSat's airline customers need to connect their passengers to inflight satellite WiFi service. We offer the connectivity portal for passengers to select service level and duration. 



Collaborate with airline's product and design teams to match ViaSat's IT platform with corporate branding specs, graphic assets, and type of WiFi offered to passengers on mobile-first, tablet, laptop. Designs based on contextual plane environment (10,000 feet elevation, dimly lit, cramped and bumpy cabin, financial privacy shoulder-surfing concerns),

My role

Senior UX designer to translate the airline customer requirements, present-defend-justify designs to executives, managers, analysts. Deliver UX annotated wireframes with CSS coding specs for front-end UI developers.

American-EL AL-Qantas-Virgin America
AA2 Jira8471 - Global Nav screenflows Phase 2  Purchase Path
AA1 Jira8471 - Global Nav screenflows Phase 2 Home-landing
AA3 Jira321 - FAQs Phase 2
VX purchase WiFi mobile
VX purchase WiFi laptop
Qantas 4 service unavailable laptop
Qantas 2__terms_of_service_full_screen__accepted__mobile_
Qantas 1 terms not accepted mobile
Qantas 3 connecting tablet
ELAL2 frequent flyer signin mobile
ELAL1 purchase WiFi mobile
ELAL3 tablet annotations screen
ViaSat Payment System with eWallet


ViaSat needs a secure satellite-to-ground payment system for airline passengers to purchase inflight WiFi. The airlines need payment validation in real time to prevent credit card fraud.


UX methodologies and solution

Established ViaSat requirements and compliance needs to integrate into the initial design via stakeholder interviews, vendor analysis, UX discovery and brainstorming, use cases, site map, sketches and iterative wireframes. Initial release credit card, subsequent iterations had frequent flyer and eWallet with Paypal and Amazon Pay options.

My role

UX senior researcher and designer led the project to translate stakeholder financial, compliance, marketing, IT and airline passenger needs into a new payment system, in multiple languages and with internationally distributed development and airline teams.

2. desktop_survey_modal
5. Bootstrap desktop 960x900
3. Bootstrap mobile 320x800
3. Bootstrap mobile cc number
5. payment_methods_landing__mobile
4. Bootstrap tablet 7681024
6. credit_card_form_v1_2__mobile
6. VPS hebrew
8. amazon_login__mobile
7. paypal_verify_payment__mobile
Airline Crew WiFi hotspots mobile app



ViaSat formed a UX research and design team of interaction designers (myself as lead), visual designers, mobile UI developers, and product managers to conceptualize and design a new, native, secure mobile app for inflight airline crews to manage, troubleshoot and fix inflight WiFi and Entertainment networks.


UX methodologies and solution

As a team, we firmed up requirements definitions, created design kickoff sketches, exploratory interviews with airline crew, whiteboarded collaborative designs, planned design efforts with agile method epics and stories using Trello, transformed component tiles into wireframes and final visual design deliverables.

My role

As the UX lead, created component tiles, sketches, annotated wireframes, paper prototype testing with questionnaires and notes sheets, led meetings to define mobile microinteractions.

landing and coach marks
1. ViaSat Crew Panel conceptual sketches
2. team whiteboarding
3. crew panel design component tiles
4. system status screen
5. balsamiq landing ok
6. balsamiq landing error
7. paper prototype test
8. greater fidelity annotated wireframe
9. usability Test Report crew panel cover
10. visual design landing
11. visual design flight status
Wells Fargo login forgot password / username


Wells Fargo customers were unable to self-service reset their password and retrieve their username without calling customer service, the most expensive option to the company.


UX methodologies and solution

Researched to compare and contrast industry interaction design patterns and content. Collaborated with product managers, user researchers and content strategists to streamline the process for customers and implement a more secure two-factor authentication method.

My role

As CX Project lead and interaction designer, I was the CX team POC, created a CX Brief that detailed devices (laptop and mobile), estimated LOE for CX team of visual designer, content and accessibility strategists, created the annotated wireframes, represented a collaborative team to stakeholders.

1. Login landing
2. PW UN Help landing
3. PW change - Identification
4. PW change - Identification error
5. PW change - Verification
6. PW change - enter AA code
7. PW change - verify CC info
8. PW change - create new PW
9. PW changed
10. mobile reset PW verify code
11. mobile PW change - verify CC info
12. mobile PW create new
13. mobile PW changed
14. Find my username
15. username found
Click-through prototype demos, desktop and mobile
Customers have forgotten their password and must identify themselves and verify their account in order to self-service. Two-factor identification is a new feature for an added level of security.
Augmented Reality time traveler mobile app


The Rensselaer County Historical Society (RCHS) was challenged with declining historical house visit revenues. 



This new mobile AR native app engages users with a unique experience. Users experience an 1850s ball in the first person, seeing guests and dialogue in the local vernacular.

My role

Lead project designer and mobile AR developer within a team of mobile developer, visual designer, communication and historical research strategist. Developed native app with Wikitudes AR and Eclipse IDE.

Introduction prototype w/Balsamiq
Bridget Larkins dialog
Meet Amanda Cluett storyboard
Mobile AR Whiteboard
IxD and UX workflow
Organization Flowchart.jpg
x1 Wireframe for Introduction
x2 Wireframe Dining Room
x3 Wireframe Dining Room Food
Paper Prototype iteration
Mobile AR wireframe scenarios
RPI Interactive Demo Day
Interactive Demo Day
IX Demo Day
Interactive Demo Day Leslie in booth
Augmented Reality native mobile app introduction and highlights 
Time traveler experience where a museum house visitor receives an invitation to an 1850 ball. They can point their mobile device to an AR target in each room and hear music, see people and food served.
Genoptix medical patient portal re-ideation


Medical lab company customers could only view PDFs online. They had to call to schedule lab pickups and order supply kits.


UX methodologies and solution

Exploratory research discovered customer need for online self-service instead of calling to order supplies and lab pickup. I created and executed contextual inquiries, client surveys, IxD process flows, functional specs, site map, sketchboards, wireframes, and hi-fi DHTML prototypes with jQuery to be used as the framework for the C# application.

My role

I was the lead UX researcher, designer, tester and front end UI developer who initiated the re-ideation and redesign of an existing web app while introducing UX, UCD and IxD design principles to peers.

Landing page wireframe
Dashboard wireframe
Request callback wireframe
IxD process workflow
Contextual inquiries
Client Survey request
Client survey results
Genoptix click-through prototype
Patient and client services facility personnel can download medical reports, order supplies, schedule a lap pickup, view their sales rep and edit account contact information. 
Alumni member engagement


Alumni participation and donations were stagnant, system registration impossible without a postcard-mailed alumni ID.


Our group redesigned the site to increase user engagement and retention, emphasized the value proposition CTA  on benefits to becoming a member.  Designs based on current social media design patterns.

Team collaboration

We applied UCD principles and user mental models to narrate the user experience, sketch new ideas, wireframe, usability testing to validate designs, and iterated for final deliverables.

Landing Page final design
User Persona task times
Prototype for Usability testing
Landing page, not logged in
Membership Confirmation
Event Registration success
User Experience Narrative
User Persona
UCD Initial Sketches
Meeting space availability mobile app


Students can only find an available library private study room by walking the stairs and floors, pausing to look into each door window.


UX methodologies and solution

We applied HCI Activity Theory and empirical observations to create an app where users can find available rooms on their mobile device. Haptic and icon alerts notify team members to "MeetMe" in a specific location. This concept can be extended to parking spaces, gyms, coffeehouses, etc. 


My team role

UX analyst, researcher, designer who created the conceptual model, requirements specs, user flow charts, and some wireframes.

New System Flowchart
StudySpace Organization Chart
Study Space Android Prototype
Wireframe iPhone Landing Screen
Wireframe Find A Room
View Room Features
Availability Statistics
Activity Graph Study Space
Other UX deliverables
User Personas IT security

Summary of five IT Cybersecurity personas defined by roles and responsibilities, including an external hacker

Usability Test Report crew panel cover

Cover page for a full usability test report on a mobile airline crew app paper prototype task-oriented testing, questionnaires, including quantitative and qualitative data results, inferences and recommendations for the next design iteration

CTO User Journey

A typical Chief Technology Officer (CTO) daily journey including touchpoints with the system and personnel

SUS Usability Scorecard

System Usability Scale customer metrics at a San Diego multimedia company


Presentation on the Modernist design historical influences on Apple Inc.'s product designs. Who will be influenced by Jony Ive in 60 years? Full presentation available on request.

Natural User Interfaces presentation

Presentation featuring NUI design principles by Don Norman, Jakob Nielsen, Bruce Tognazzini. Full presentation available on request.

User Persona Pat Enthusiast

One of three personas developed for DivX for how they use their media. The other personas were Alex Connoisseur and Chris Casual.

jQuery Carousel

I coded this News carousel prior to full jQuery plugin capability. Featured in the Employee intranet at top center of the home screen for 18K+ users.

Google Glass storyboards

Glass app conceptual design storyboards. This example is for tourists previewing and choosing tours at Hearst Castle using Glass gestures and receiving haptic feedback.

Photoshop to DHTML / jQuery

DHTML and jQuery coding from a graphic designer's Photoshop design. Fully functional with email confirmation and form data saved to SQL database.

Usability Test Report

Engineering web app task-oriented usability test and findings report. Participants assured that the design was being tested, not their technical abilities. I rated their task completion difficulty using a 1 - 5 Likert scale (high to low difficulty). Iterative design-verify process used for subsequent production releases.

Customer satisfaction survey

Participant's self-reported Likert scales from 5 to 1 (highest to lowest) regarding new product feature importances to help guide UX design priorities and find new concepts.

Just a sample of my UCD work. To see more or discuss future employment